What you cannot measure, you cannot manage; you must become aware of what you are doing to take concrete action. Hence Canali's decision to quantify the overall environmental footprint of its business and products by developing OEF (Organization Environmental Footprint) and PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) studies, developed by a supranational, hence third party - the European Commission. The overall mapping and certification took almost two years.

OEF and PEF studies are objective, scientific, clear and far from greenwashing logic. They quantify 16 indicators in different areas, ranging from climate change to the consumption of water and natural resources, from eco-systems to human health, analyzing the environmental footprint of the entire supply chain, upstream and downstream of the product and the company.

"We wanted to do both OEF and PEF in order to be able to calculate the overall impact of our doing business by taking into consideration not only the organization, but also the entire life cycle of our product".

Stefano Canali​​​

When considering the Organization, the OEF study starts from the fabrics and ends when the finished garment leaves the company and is distributed in the stores (whose impact is also included in the report), as far as the final product is concerned, Canali has gone even further, choosing to study the entire life cycle with PEF, and by defining clusters was able to assess 59% of production.​​

What emerged is that a Canali garment has higher durability benchmarks than the industry average while its impact, considering the entire life cycle of the garment, is significantly lower. The impact was calculated considering the entire life cycle of the garments, for jackets 20 days of use per year for 8 years (167 uses), for suits 20 days of use per year for 7 years (142 uses). Given such positive and encouraging test results, again as allowed by European Recommendation 2021/2279/EU, CANALI is now working to raise the bar even higher, even beyond the maximum reward factor provided for by the standard. To further extend the life of each product in a circular manner is the exciting challenge that will see Canali playing a leading role in the coming years.​

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