Increasing the durability of garments means extending their lifecycle reducing its environmental impact. To Canali, REpair & REstore means on the one hand offering, in their main flagship stores, the services for the care, the repair and the restoration of garments; on the other hand, providing to their clients a list of good practices for the daily care of the most delicate types of products.

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Canali’s garments have durability benchmarks which are on average higher than the average of the field. Especially if well-kept and restored over the years, they can last long and be passed down from generation to generation. In the main flagship stores, Canali offers some services which are thought to extend the lifecycle of garments: alteration services, that is, amendments to an existing garment to improve its fitting and repair services to damaged or worn-out garments to bring them back to its original conditions*.​​


A guide for taking care of formal garments to extend their lifecycle.​​

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Our daily practices for taking care of your knitwear for every fabric.​​


Small gestures to repeat everyday to extend the durability of your footwear.​​

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*The alteration and repair services offered by CANALI consists of amendment activities of CANALI used garments, aimed at improving their fitting and repairing of CANALI used garments which are damaged or worn-out, in order to make them wearable once again. The services are targeted to customers who have bought a CANALI garment. The detailed description of services and the list of stores in which it is possible to request it is available on Canali.com. The costs and timing of services vary from the type of request and the conditions of CANALI garments, and, in any case, they will be disclosed by CANALI staff. We will not start with any amendment or repair until we receive an explicit approval from your side. CANALI reserves the right to refuse to provide services in any moment, even after collecting the CANALI garment, at its own discretion. The activities are made from specialized craftsmen at the best of their abilities, with the aim of helping clients to extend the lifecycle of their CANALI garments. Even though we take every precaution to guarantee the highest quality of workmanship, the conditions and the wear-out of a garment, at the time of request, can affect the result of the workmanship. The client, where reasonably possible, will be informed regarding any potential issues that could arise during the workmanship, and hereby accepts that CANALI cannot be held responsible if after the amendment or repair the garment will not have the appearance that he has envisioned. With the collection of the garment the client accepts as-is. Sales legal guarantees remain valid to consumers.​​​​​​